Donation FAQ

General Questions

What happens with my material donation? Does it go into a home built by Habitat?

Material donations are not used in Habitat-built homes. Instead, our ReStore thrift shop sells them at low-cost to the public. Our ReStore generates a valuable revenue stream that enables Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County to build more decent, affordable housing for hard-working, low-income families. Your donation not only helps support the construction of Habitat homes, it also helps reduce the costs of home-improvement for other homeowners in Burlington County.

Does the ReStore repair donated items and materials?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to repair or touch up items, which is why we can only accept gently used donations that are in working condition.

Why don’t you accept certain items?

Some of our donation restrictions are dictated by state or federal law (mattresses, boxsprings, cribs, halogen lamps, etc). Other restrictions are based on our retail experience and the limited space that we have to work with. If an item doesn’t sell in our ReStore, we have to pay to dispose of it, which takes away from our mission of building affordable housing in Burlington County.

Our staff members have the final say on what we accept.

When can I drop off donations?

During our normal business hours. Our back dock is open 10am – 5:00pm, 7 days a week. We’re open starting at 9am on Saturdays.

How do I get to the back dock?

From Rt. 38 East

There is an exit in front of our store on Rt. 38 East. Take it and bear right (do not go left onto Rt. 73 South). Take the first right-hand turn by Elite Climbing and drive straight back.

From Rt. 41 (King’s Highway)

Make a right onto Old King’s Highway where Ryan’s Run and Elite Climbing are located. Take the first left-hand turn and drive straight back.

You may reverse into an empty spot at our back dock. Please wait until a staff member approves your donation before you offload it.

Does the ReStore accept scrap metal and nonworking appliances for recycling?

Yes. We are, however, unable to schedule pick ups for these items. If you can drop off your scrap metal/nonworking appliance (electronics excluded) at our ReStore, we will break them down and sort them for recycling. The donation of these materials is also tax deductible!

Can I write the donation off of my taxes?

All donations made to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore are tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) and our charity number (EIN) is 22-2905055. We provide forms in-store and on-site.

How much is my donation worth?

We are not able to provide values for donated items at this time.

Donation Pickup Questions

How much does a donation pickup cost?

Our pickups are free, but donations in the form of checks written out to “Habitat for Humanity” are always appreciated. They help offset the cost of fuel and maintenance on our trucks. Our truck staff is able to accept tips as well.

When do you schedule pickups?

Our dispatcher is in the office Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. You may submit a request online at any time, and it will be answered within 24 hours. You can also donate in person at our ReStore, but please bring photos with you!

How far out do I need to schedule for a donation pick up?

We’re typically a week out for most donation pickups. This varies based on seasonal demand, the number of items you have to donate, or if you are located in a remote area.

What time can I expect you at my home?

We schedule donation pickups to be Monday through Friday in two different blocks:

Mornings (9am-12pm)

Afternoons (1pm-4pm)

When our dispatcher reaches out to you, they will provide you with the earliest available pickup date and time. You can work with them to find a time frame that works best for your schedule.

We cannot promise an exact time or order as we optimize our routes to save on fuel costs. We can give you a call before our truck arrives if you request it.

Towns in Mercer County are scheduled in the morning block due to the distance from our ReStore.

Do you go inside of the house?

Yes, when a homeowner or another adult on behalf of the homeowner is present. Please make your donations more accessible by storing them in a garage or by putting them on the first floor whenever possible. This helps save on time so that we can help out more donors. If you aren’t capable of doing this, we are still able to enter the house. If the truck staff feels that the removal of your donation will be unsafe, however, they have the right to refuse the pick up.

Can I leave the donation outside?

Yes! You may leave items in the front of the house or garage with a note that says, “Donation” to ensure that it is not taken away by somebody else. In case of poor weather, you may leave a tarp over the items (we will not take the tarp). If requested, we will leave a tax receipt inside a mailbox or door. We are not able to enter backyards without someone present.

I have a small box / single bag of clothing. Will you pick this up?

We reserve our truck for larger donations of furniture or appliances. If you can load your donation in your vehicle and make the trip to our ReStore, we ask that you do so.

I only live a few miles outside of Burlington or Mercer Counties. Will you pick up here?

We don’t have the resources to go outside of our normal pickup areas at this time.

For residential pickups outside of Burlington or Mercer Counties, please visit to search for your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore that can assist with your material donation.

I have another question / I want to add an item / I want to cancel.

Please call us at 856-439-6717 or email us at When adding items, we need to make sure that it is something that we’re currently accepting, and that it will leave enough space on our truck so that we can help other donors.